Jewellery to Order

These are the products that I  make when you order, they are always available.  If you don’t see exactly what you want just Contact me and we can discuss your specific requirements.  Please note that these are the only jewellery items I make to order.

Thanks. Jan


Plain cushion drop earrings with coloured pearl


Small “Spotty” stud earrings with button


Small ‘Spoldgy’ stud earrings


Small “Splodgy” cushion drop earring with coloured pearl


Plain heart earring with coloured jewel


Spot heart earrings pearl

Spotty heart earrings with coloured pearl



Spotty parcel necklace on silver chain


Pointy heart necklace with pearl on ribbon, matt or shiny finish



Large silver heart pendant with silver bead on ribbon


Medium heart necklace with pearl on silver chain


Small heart necklace with coloured pearl on silver chain