Jewellery One Off

These are the products that I  have already made and are for sale exactly as seen. Once sold I will remove but due to timing it may be that it already sold.   Please Contact me if you have any questions or to purchase.  Please note that as these are one-off designs I will not be able to take orders for duplicates.

Thanks Jan


Fat Parcel Brooch.


Shiny  silver quare ‘parcel’ brooch with a coloured centre.

Manuscript Brooch


This has some beautiful handwriting showing the word “Abstract” which came from some old deeds. There is a button, a pearl and a tiny heart underneath. The bow is the corner is made from silver.

Silk Bow Brooch


This is a brooch with a spotty silk bow, two heart charms and a pale pink pearl.

Oxidised Silver Brooch


This brooch is made of oxidised silver which makes the silver take a dark gunmetal grey colour. Three tiny dark grey pearls hang from the bottom.  In the middle are some handwritten letters from an old manuscript.


Double Heart Necklace


Two spotty contrasting silver hearts with a cream pearl.

Spotty Parcel Necklace with Charms

A shiny spotted silver square on a silver chain. There is a stripy heart, a pearl and a tiny button on the bottom.

Spotty Parcel Necklace

Tiny spotty silver square with a malachite bead.

Pearl Drop Necklace


Cream pearl drop necklace with 2 small grey pearls

Necklace with Large Pearl

Heavy silver necklace with  a rectangular cream pearl and two long mauve pearls

Charming Necklace

Hearts, amethysts, pearls, buttons and an old domino on a heavy silver chain.

Black and Silver Necklace

Black losenge shape with cream inset and faceted silver bead

Antique Silver Heart Necklace

Antique silver heart showing a bird on a heavy silver chain and a cream pearl.


Large Pearl Heart earrings

Large creamy baroque pearls

Earrings Black “Splodgy” Patterned

Small splodgy earrings with dark pearl.

Parcel Earrings in Blue

Matt silver earrings with a hand made blue bead.

Grey Padlock and Pearl earrings

Pale grey pearls with little oxidised silver padlocks.

Pink Padlock and pearl earrings

Pale pink pearls with little oxidised silver padlocks.